Boost efficiency with professional virtual assistant services and quality phone call coverage

Trust our team of experienced virtual assistant to handle your calls and increase your productivity with our custom phone coverage service that will meet all of your clients' needs and provide them with a top-quality experience. Be a leader in your field!


Your needs include:

  • Outsourcing of telephone answering during extended hours
  • Handling of calls and telephone reception services
  • Customer Contact Center for online ordering and payment by credit card, VAD, or after-sales service
  • 24/7 reception, nights, weekends, holidays
  • Answering service, phone coverage, call forwarding
  • Management of call overflow, setting up dedicated hotlines
  • Corporate or commercial address registration
  • Part-time sales assistant

Professional or self-employed

Your needs include:

  • Fully customized telephone reception
  • Message handling
  • Remote secretarial services
  • Appointment scheduling and scheduling
  • 24/7 reception
  • Remote secretarial services (typing of documents)
  • Corporate or commercial address registration
  • Part-time sales assistant

Grouillez-vous.com answers your calls 24/7

Convenient: Without changing your telephone line through a simple call transfer to a personalized line where your telephone secretary will answer calls on your behalf.

Effective: Your phone coverage through a reception and responses according to your guidelines for scheduling appointments on your online calendar.

Flexible: No duration commitment with your online secretary.

Economic: Billing based on the number of calls for your phone coverage.

téléprospection teleprospection
Do you often encounter difficulties related to absenteeism, vacation, and a high volume of calls during telephone reception for your customers, as well as high costs?

Grouillez-vous.com offers you the comfort and freedom of an outsourced telephone answering service. We handle the telephone reception for your customers in your absence, in a transparent manner. With our extended presence, your customers or prospects benefit from attentive and professional listening, ensuring continuity in future interactions. Outsourcing your secretarial work means entrusting all or part of this function to Grouillez-vous.com for a flexible duration. This methodology allows you to achieve the desired results and an unmatched presence.

Thanks to your telephone secretarial service, you will be able to:

  • Transfer your professional line according to your needs, whether it be for a day, a week, a month, or more.
  • Take care of occasional absences of some of your employees (vacation, illnesses, maternity leave, etc…)
  • Manage overloaded calls by transferring them to a dedicated secretary from Grouillez-vous.com
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