Call Center and Telemarketing in Canada

For Call Center and Telemarketing Deployments

Our call centers have the solution for you !


We offer highly flexible and scalable services tailored to your needs.
Our team of 6 call centers on 4 continents is composed of over 200 seasoned professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

Our offers

B2B - B2C appointment making

Inbound calls and virtual assistant services

Database Requalification or Update

Project study

Events promotion

Surveys and questionnaires

Satisfaction surveys

Leads generation

Prospecting and sales

Our Customized Services

Elaboration and editing of the sales script

Free 24-hour study on the feasibility of your mandate

Access to our CRM to make your appointments

Access to solicitation records

Weekly report of daily calls made

Verification of calls made by the agent for quality control

Guarantee of qualified monthly appointments

Request for a Quote

    Other Service

    The Virtual Assistant (VA) or Hotline services Grouillez-Vous is a complement or a good substitute to your current choice of telephone reception and appointment scheduling in Canada.